The Secret of Unscented Products…..



Here at Garden of Eden, we’re known for our Custom Scented Private Label products.  We can scent lotions, shower cream or gel, bath and body oils, hair care, massage lotion and oil, body splash and an exfoliating body wash.  You can create your personal scent and then layer it for a long lasting fragrance experience.

Creating and wearing a personal fragrance is great, but some people don’t want fragrance in their personal care products.  Some people can’t tolerate fragrance in their personal care products.  So the silver lining of custom scentable products from Garden of Eden is that they all start out unscented – and you can choose to keep them that way.  You may have another perfume or fragrance you love to wear, but your scented lotion, shampoo or shower gel compete or interact with it.  Using an unscented product can help you highlight only the fragrance you choose.

Unfortunately, some people have a sensitivity to fragrance that comes to them naturally, as the result of environmental factors or from a medical therapy.  Some people undergoing chemotherapy or other treatments for cancer find their sense of smell has been affected, too.  They discover that personal care products they’ve used and loved for years are no longer an option, due to the fragrance.  Others who are taking radiation treatment find that alcohol based fragrances in personal care products are irritating to their skin.

Using unscented personal care products can help to reduce the stress of cancer treatment.  It can allow you or someone you love the relief of a hot bubble bath, the comfort of moisturized skin, that clean feeling of freshly washed hair or the luxury of a massage without the discomfort from fragrance sensitivity.

We can help!  We can bathe, shampoo, exfoliate and moisturize you from head to toe in high quality, luxurious products that are fragrance free.  We offer refillable bottles so customers can save money, while they re-use and recycle.