The Secret of… the VIC Face and Body Cloth


VIC washcloths


A blog post devoted entirely to a washcloth? Hmm… has the Garden Gal lost it? Not at all! This is one of the most amazing products that we carry at Garden of Eden and it is time to share the secret with the rest of the world.

Dating back to World War II, the history of the VIC Face and Body Cloth is fascinating on its own. These lightweight washcloths were first developed by a British company expanding its products after the war years. During the early 1800s, they were an established company in France, manufacturing mourning crepe using silk thread from China. However, due to religious unrest in France, the weavers immigrated to England. Once settled in England, the company became a world leader in manufacturing bandages, wraps, and eventually parachutes, meeting the supply demands of World War II. After the war ended, the company once again reestablished its presence by creating and marketing VIC washcloths to the public.

In 1949, VIC washcloths made their way to the United States thanks to a woman named Sheelah Dorr. After purchasing one on an overseas visit, she discovered that the VIC was not available anywhere in the States. Luckily, she forged a business relationship with the manufacturer and by sharing this wonderful product with her friends and local businesses, the word began to spread. Even the iconic Katherine Hepburn can be included as a VIC user!

katherine hepburn VIC noteGarden of Eden is honored to be the only store in the Twin Cities and one of just two dozen small businesses to carry VIC washcloths in the United States. This Garden Gal has used a VIC for years and has only needed a few replacements along the way because they are incredibly long-lasting. The best part is that the 100% cotton fabric makes it machine washable, quick-drying, and ideal for travel. All that and it is proudly made in the U.S.A.

VIC Face and Body ClothFeeling really is believing! The unique texture of the VIC will rev up your circulation and the gentle exfoliation will promote a radiant complexion for all skin types. Many people use one for their body and one for their face- it is like having a daily massage and facial. Stop by the store or visit us online and see what you’ve been missing!