The Secret of… The Perfect Bold Lip


Like everyone else in the Midwest, this Garden Gal is feeling stuck in a rut after our never-ending winter. So, how to break out without spending a fortune? By wearing a new bold lip color, of course! The Garden Gal is fortunate to have all of the fun new shades of lip colors at her fingertips and after a visit to the Garden of Eden, so can you, dear reader. The secret is in how to wear the bright, bold colors and truly embrace the hottest make up trend of the summer!

At Garden of Eden, we have the perfect bold color for every pair of lips! From the most vibrant pink to the boldest red and everything in between, we have you covered. Here are the simple steps to making your lips fashion-forward!

IMG_20130529_144355Begin by deciding what type of mood you would like to communicate with your bold lip. Classic red? Flirty coral? Sassy orange? Confidence is the key when wearing a bold lip but it’s also important to keep your complexion in mind. For the classic red lip, either go for a blue base or match to your complexion. The general rule is that a blue base will suit most complexions, especially brunettes, while pink bases work well with blondes and red heads.

Many women need to work up to the boldest of lips and that’s okay. Try starting out with brightly colored lip glosses or create a stain with your lipstick by pressing the color with your fingers onto your lips and increase the intensity in doses. A gloss with a tint of bold color will also give you the on-trend look without the bold drama of a matte lip.

The “It” Colors of Summer 2013


What better way to accentuate your summer glow than with a vibrant shade of orange? Orange is THE color this summer and from shades of coral to tangerine, you’re sure to radiate a fun, fresh attitude. The secret when choosing an orange lip color is that every skin tone has a hint of orange to it, so a coral shade (with a dab of pink in it) will work on anyone and is just as fun but a bit more practical.


Our must-have orange shades are Transformative Precious Coral, Transformative Radiant Rose, Micro Spice, and Delightful Color Stick.


From soft pastels to bright and bold, this classic color is a staple of women everywhere. Instead of going all out with a bold fuchsia lip, try a gloss or softer shade instead. This gives you all the color payoff of a traditional lipstick, but with a dewy shine that is ideal for summer.


Our favorite pinks are Transformative Petal Pink, Flamingo Micro Bubble, Gigi Luxury Matte, and Darling and Cordial Color Sticks.


Always a classic, red is often the “go-to” shade for many women. For summer, try a bold, matte red lip contrasted with simple makeup as your palette.


Our tried-and-true red shades are Temptress, Red Carpet Luxury Matte, and Impulse Luxury.

Dark Berry or Wine 

If you want to try a darker shade but aren’t ready to make the commitment of an orange, pink, or traditional red, try a wine or berry shade. Darker colors can be worn as a subtle stain in the summer and are less in-your-face and an easier match for most complexions than a true red.


These juicy shades come in Valentina Luxury Matte, Cranberry Micro, Ava Luxury Matte, and Casablanca Matte.

Now that you have your perfect shade, here is how to apply the perfect bold lip:

1. Prepare: Bold color will bring all the attention to your lips, so it’s important to make them as flawless as possible. First, exfoliate to remove flakiness and then apply a primer to give your lip color something to adhere to.

2. Line: Lining your lips is an important step to prevent your lip color from feathering. Instead of matching your liner to your lipstick, use a nude liner to trace just the outside perimeter of your lips.

3. Apply Color: Color application can make or break your bold lips. Use a lip brush for precision, painting from the center of the lip outward, and blot with a tissue to remove excess pigment. When you are ready to really make a statement, apply two coats of lipstick, then re-line lips for a layering effect to seal in the color. To add a final matte touch, apply powder over your lipstick for a long-lasting finish.

4. Finish: Since your lip color is the focus, the rest of your makeup should be subdued. All you need is a swipe of mascara and a touch of blush for optimum pop.

Don’t fear the bold lip… when you keep these tips in mind, you’ll be sure to rock it! Stop by the store anytime to see our full selection of lip color and the rest of our exclusive makeup collection. Visit us in person at our Grand Ave. location or online.