The 2012 Holiday Gift Guide


Holiday shopping season is in full force along Grand Avenue, and the Garden Gals put together a gift guide to help you find your Garden of Eden holiday needs with ease this season.

Our gift guide will help you find the perfect gift for those tough-to-shop-for individuals; improve your shopping experience; and help you stay on budget, which is why we’ve categorized this guide to include gift ideas at different price points for significant others, parents, in-laws, co-workers, bosses, coaches, teachers, teens, siblings, and friends. We also added a list of stocking stuffers and best buys for under $25 so you can be sure to snag the hottest items at the lowest prices!

Don’t forget you can beat the lines this holiday season by shopping with us online or placing a phone order with one of our Garden Gals.

Stocking Stuffers
The great thing about our merchandise is that it comes in all kinds of shapes and sizes. We have plenty of unique items for all ages that would make wonderful stocking stuffers. Here are some we recommend:

Under $10

  • Kneipp Bath Oils
  • Pre de Provence Guest Soaps
  • Pre de Provence Heart Soaps
  • Thymes, Aura Cacia, Kneipp, and Dresdner Essenz Bath Salt Packets
  • Bath Beads
  • Glass Nail File
  • Express Beauty Face Mask Packets
  • Small Votivo Candles
  • Deep Steep Moisture Sticks
  • Archipelago Votive Candles
  • Naked Bee Cuticle Salve
  • Karina Hair Accessories
  • Mistral Travel Size Hand Cream
  • Garden of Eden Cosmetics

Under $20

  • Beaded or Urban Halo Headbands
  • Garden of Eden Perfume or Essential Oils
  • Attar Bazaar Fragrances
  • Melange Solid Perfumes
Best Buys Under $20
  • Heros’ Chiropody Sponge and Deep Steep Foot Cream
  • Vic Face and Body Cloth and a Pre de Provence Soap
  • Panier des Sens Hand Cream and Soap
  • Panier des Sens Body Cream
  • Batherapy (20 oz. is under $10!)
  • Mistral Bath Salts and Foaming Bath
  • Garden of Eden Perfume Oils



Spouse/Significant Other
Cologne, perfume, massage oils, candles, lotions, and bubble bath. We have it all when it comes to romantic and delicious-smelling gifts for that special someone. Here are a few gifts we suggest:


  • Kiehl’s Facial Fuel Items for Him
  • Panier de Sens Body Scrub and Body Butter for Him and Her
  • Royall Fragrance Collection for Him
  • Thymes Gift Set (Lotion, Bath Salts, and Shower Gel) for Her
  • Mistral Bath Salts and Foaming Bath For Him and Her
  • Kama Sutra Massage Therapy Kit, Weekender Kit, Bath Kit, or Getaway Kit for Him and Her
  • Pre de Provence Argan Body Butter for Him and Her
  • Custom-blended Garden of Eden Perfume Oils for Her
  • Custom-scented Garden of Eden Massage & Bath Oil for Him and Her

Parents and In-Laws
Good news! One of the toughest gift shopping categories can be made easy at Garden of Eden. We have fabulous holiday items from decadent potpourri to festive candles to deliciously scented soaps and hand creams. Wow your parents and in-laws with one of these gift ideas:



  • Spa Vapor Diffuser with a collection of essential oils
  • Thymes Frasier Fir Potpourri and Refresher Oil


  • Thymes Sink Set in Frasier Fir or Mandarin Coriander
  • Water Buffalo Horn Soap Dish and Mistral Soap

Under $30

  • Caldrea Sink Sets or Decorative Glass Soap Dispensers in Vanilla Quince Santal, Crimson Pear Ginger, Palmarosa Wild Mint, Mandarin Vetiver, Sea Salt Neroli, Ginger Pomelo, Basil Blue Sage, and Lavender Pine.
  • Collection of Garden of Eden Glycerin Soaps

So you’ve drawn a colleague in your annual office Secret Santa and you don’t know what to get him or her…We can help! Impress the entire office by giving him or her one of these gifts without spending a fortune:

Under $20

  • Deep Steep Body Scrub
  • Deep Steep Peppermint Foot Cream
  • Frasier Fir Candle Tin
  • Panier des Sens Hand Soap or Hand Cream
  • Pre de Provence Guest Soap Box
  • Pre de Provence Hand Cream




Boss or Coach
Get (or stay) on your boss or coach’s good graces by giving a gift of relaxation this holiday season (and without spending much!).

  • Tiger Balm Muscle Relaxant (under $10)
  • Garden of Eden Chill Out Foot Rub (under $15)
  • Panier des Sens Honey or Olive Oil Hand Cream (under $20)
  • Thymes Frasier Fir Poured Candle in Glass (under $30)





Instead of apples this year, show your teacher your appreciation by giving one of these A+ gifts:

  • Archipelago Votive Candle and Candle Holder (under $5)
  • Lemon Soap and Mistral Travel Size Hand Cream (under $15)
  • Crabtree & Evelyn Hand Therapy Creams (under $20)
  • Caldrea Sink Set or Decorative Soap Dispenser (under $30)




Teenage girls
From fun patterned headbands to beautifying lip balms and face masks, we’ve got it covered when in comes to the products young girls hold near and dear to their hearts.

  • Assortment of lip balms (under $5-10)
  • Pre de Provence Heart Shaped Soap (under $10)
  • Manicure items (under $10)
  • Express Beauty Face Masks (under $10)
  • Karina Hair Accessories (under $15)
  • Urban Halo Headbands (under $15)
  • Thymes Kimono Rose products ($20+)

Siblings and Friends
Show your siblings and friends how well you know them by giving a custom-scented gift from Garden of Eden.


  • Pre de Provence soap in Sandalwood, Sage, Olive Oil, Milk, and Oatmeal (under $10)
  • Caswell-Massey soaps in Newport or Sandalwood (under $10)
  • CrabTree & Evelyn soap in Nomad (under $10)
  • Any custom-scented Garden of Eden product (lotion, shampoo, conditioner, body mist, shower gel, etc.) (under $20)
  • Kiehl’s Faciel Fuel items ($20+)
  • Kiehl’s hair products ($20+)


  • Incense (under $5)
  • Garden of Eden Cosmetics ($10+)
  • Express Beauty Face Masks (under $10)
  • Custom-blended perfume oils (under $20)
  • Vic Cloth and soap (under $20)
  • Thymes Hand Cream (under $20)
  • Any custom-scented Garden of Eden product (lotion, shampoo, conditioner, body mist, shower gel, etc.) (under $20)
  • Thymes Diffuser Set ($50)