Resource Center — July 2013

The Secret of… Sugar Scrubs

The Deep Steep Sugar Scrubs have been on this Garden Gal’s must-try list for a long time. Working at the Garden of Eden, it can be challenging to keep up with all of the fabulous products that we carry and it’s easy to stick with those that are tried-and-true. However, when a customer recently came… Read more >

The Secret of… Kiehl’s Cross-Terrain

  Don’t let the fact that some stores are displaying their back-to-school supplies fool you because summer is still in full force! Hopefully you are soaking up all that the season has to offer: baseball games, music in the park, and other outdoor events. Once again, Kiehl’s has the solution to your active outdoor lifestyle… Read more >

The Secret of… Argan Oil

When the Garden Gal first heard that the latest beauty trend is to put oil ON your face, it came as quite a shock. The thought of willingly putting oil on your face? EEK! For those of us raised on Ten-O-Six, this brings back memories of hiding out in the roller rink restroom, not rocking… Read more >