Resource Center — May 2013

The Secret of… The Perfect Bold Lip

Like everyone else in the Midwest, this Garden Gal is feeling stuck in a rut after our never-ending winter. So, how to break out without spending a fortune? By wearing a new bold lip color, of course! The Garden Gal is fortunate to have all of the fun new shades of lip colors at her fingertips… Read more >

The Secret of… Natural Deodorants

Memorial Day is just around the corner and that means summer is officially here! Summertime brings trips to the beach, barbecues, outdoor sports, and… sweating! What is a person to do in order to protect herself/himself from perspiration and odor in a natural and safe way? Don’t worry, the Garden Gal is here to break… Read more >

The Secret of… the VIC Face and Body Cloth

PLEASE NOTE: THIS ITEM IS UNAVAILABLE – OUT OF PRODUCTION.  WE HAVE NO STOCK OF THIS ITEM AND NO OF NO OTHER VENDOR WHO HAS ANY IN STOCK. A blog post devoted entirely to a washcloth? Hmm… has the Garden Gal lost it? Not at all! This is one of the most amazing products that… Read more >

The Secret of… What Mom REALLY Wants

The countdown to Mother’s Day is on! And what does Mom really want? To answer this question, we polled all of the Garden Gals– it is no secret that we love to help people find the product that is perfect for them or someone special. Mother, Grandma, Aunt, Special Friend… whoever you’re shopping for, we are here… Read more >

The Secret of… Natural Sunscreens

Spring is here (finally!) and warmer weather means more exposed skin, longer time out in the sun, and a greater need for sunscreen. There are many options when it comes to protecting your skin in a way that is best for you and the environment- the list of ingredients to look for seems to change… Read more >